Kevin and Joe discussing sales

Sales 2021: Kevin and Joe Ask “Why Outsource Sales?”

What does “sales 2021” mean to you? We’re all coming out of the original shock of COVID-19 behind budget, and while we’ve all found ways to adjust, things aren’t getting any easier any faster than before. But in the spirit of the holidays, we’ve all got things to be thankful for. For us, we’ve found that outsourced sales has been extremely adaptable to a quarantine environment. We’ve rebounded – and we’re here to bring our success to others in the same way we’ve always been doing it.

Acquirent has always believed that outsourced sales is the future – whether a company is a small startup or a Fortune 500 company, outsourcing a sales team provides numerous benefits. In the sales world of 2021, we think this trend will only expand. What are some takeaways that we have seen in the past year, and what do we expect to continue?

Sales 2021: The Year of the Outsourced Salesperson

Sales isn’t an easy job – neither is recruiting, training, and managing for a sales position. The pandemic has only made this more challenging. How can you be expected to train new recruits when you can’t even sit down with them face-to-face?

This has been a challenge for us just as it has been plenty of other companies. Our business operated on an open-floor model – we prided ourselves on the fact that the CEO was sitting right next to us as we dialed in to companies. Things are different now, of course. We’re all separated in our homes, and our metrics and methods have had to adapt to this changing world.

Part of what makes our company great is our flexibility. Not only were our managers able to switch things up to adapt, but our salespeople have been extraordinary in their ability to adapt and change along with us. Our success comes from our team, our methods, and our ability to overcome every challenge that comes our way.

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