pandemic lead generation

How to Prepare for Post-Pandemic B2B Lead Generation

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every imaginable industry in one way or another. For some industries, the pandemic has created uncertainty and loss of revenue, but for others, it’s created more business than they ever thought possible. Below, you can learn more about how B2B lead generation will shift after the pandemic and what you can do to prepare.

Update Your Language

Though the marketing strategies you used to generate leads before the pandemic will likely continue to serve you well, the truth is that we won’t ever get back to a pre-pandemic sense of normalcy. This generation will always remember social distancing, mandatory masks, and business closures for the greater good, so incorporating some acknowledgement of these changes into your marketing language is a great place to start preparing for post-pandemic lead generation.  

At the end of the day, people want to know they’re safe. Updating your marketing language in such a way that you can create that feeling of safety is one of the best things you can possibly do to generate better leads. It shows that you support your audience, and you understand their concerns. 

Change the Way You Market, but Don’t Stop Marketing

If your company is paring back its marketing budget because of the pandemic, you’re certainly not alone. Fiscally, it’s the right thing to do if your revenue is suffering. However, don’t just stop marketing altogether. Instead, look for a different approach. Organic marketing is an excellent alternative to pay-per-click advertising, and though it’s a bit slower when it comes to generating leads and traffic, it’s far more powerful. Cut back where you must but spend as much time as you can improving organic SEO on both your website and your social media page. 

To put this into perspective, you don’t want your company to disappear out of the public eye, so when it comes to budget cuts, try to find the best possible way to keep your name in full view with a lower budget. Organic SEO tactics are almost always the best bet. 

Keep an Eye Out for Burnout

Burnout occurs when people spend all of their time trying to find new ways to operate successfully in the face of a pandemic. It’s incredibly common right now, and it’s causing almost as many business closures as the pandemic itself. There’s no denying that completely remodeling your marketing structure and operations is exhausting but failing to give yourself and your team a break now and then can be detrimental to your success. Keep an eye on your mental state and energy, and ask your team for updates, too. 

Though it may seem like pushing through exhaustion or depression is the right thing to do, it can actually lead to hasty decisions that take your company in the wrong direction. Even if it seems like you don’t have a second to spare, meet with your team more frequently and find ways to take mental health breaks. 

Preparing for post-pandemic B2B lead generation is certainly tricky, especially since we don’t know if we’ll ever go back to the pre-pandemic dynamic that many of us are familiar with. Updating your company’s marketing language, revising your marketing plan, and ensuring that you take breaks to avoid burnout are all great ways to ensure that no matter what happens next, you’ll be prepared for it.