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3 Lead Generation Challenges and How to Fix Them

Everyone wants to grow their business, but lead generation isn’t necessarily a simple task. According to an article for Invisible Technologies Inc., “when looking across as many industries and sizes as we could find, roughly 15% of marketers say that they can efficiently and effectively generate leads for their business” (  This means that the majority of businesses struggle with lead generation challenges.

When it comes to expanding your business there are several common challenges sales reps face. In this article we’ll explore the top three lead generation challenges and offer some advice on how to find quality leads and convert those to future sales.

#1 Finding Quality Leads

Lead generation is more than just calling up a list of names in an address book. Quality leads have shown interest in your business and fit your ideal customer profile. It’s important to distinguish between a quality lead and a business contact, and understand that “a lead is someone who engages you or your brand with intent to buy. A contact is anyone who gives you some information” (

Unfortunately, pursuing low-quality leads can be extremely costly for your business both in terms of time and money. Low-quality leads who make it down the sales pipeline not only waste your SDR’s time, but end up costing you money by preventing SDRs from pursuing better prospects.

Solution: Reevaluate Your Buyer Persona

Pay attention to your ideal customer and focus on pursuing potential clients who fit that profile. Do the research to create a detailed outline of your ideal customer and share that information with your sales reps.

It’s also a great idea to invest in more specific marketing strategies. Avoid using generic language, and instead craft your online content to specifically appeal to your target demographic. “Trying to appeal to everyone with a broad message is going to backfire because you risk not being specific enough for the lead to understand how you meet their needs” (

#2 Converting Lead Generation Challenges into Sales Solutions

Once you’ve identified quality leads, it’s time to turn those leads into productive prospects. Just because you’ve identified a quality lead doesn’t mean they will invest in your product. It’s easy to assume that customers trust your product without putting in the time and effort necessary to educate prospects and provide quality resources.

With so many options on the market, clients are looking for businesses who build personal relationships and foster trust with their clients. Create a personalized experience with your clients, and focus on showing your prospects the value your product offers.

Solution: Educate Your Clients and Build Trust

Creating long-term sales relationships takes patience and time. It’s important to offer clients consistent and helpful information about your company. Instead of waiting for leads to come to you, reach out to your leads: “Supporting materials—case studies, ebooks and whitepapers, ROI examples, online reviews, and videos—give you excuses to reach out to leads to show what you can do for them” (

It’s important to show your leads that you’re genuinely interested in helping them solve a problem. Get to know them and their business so you understand how your product fits into the big picture. This way, you can offer specific and personalized solutions that directly address your client’s needs.

#3 Having Enough People to Generate Leads

Generating quality leads is hard work. So it’s no wonder that companies often find themselves stretched thin when sales reps are in charge or lead generation, closing deals, and maintaining clients. Generating leads every once in a while is not a sustainable way to grow your business: “if you want to succeed with lead generation, you must have an engine that continually generates new leads” (

The Solution: Redistribute Tasks or Hire Outsourced SDRs

Some companies have entire task forces dedicated to lead generation. If this is financially feasible for your business, it might make sense to dedicate a team of development reps to lead generation, so other sales reps can focus on closing the deal.

If you don’t have the time or resources to hire and train a whole new team of employees, hiring an SDR service might make the most sense for your business. SDR services specialize in providing clients with qualified leads and marketing strategies. This way, reps are free to pursue higher quality leads and will save time on research.

Finding the Best Solutions for Lead Generation Challenges at Acquirent

At Acquirent, we’re passionate about providing our clients with high-quality outsourced sales and marketing services. Our teams of professionals will work with your business to identify challenges in your sales pipeline, and offer effective solutions. We’re dedicated to helping your business thrive by offering employee training, sales technologies, and lead generation services. Lead generation doesn’t need to be a burden, and at Acquirent we’re committed to helping you achieve your business goals!