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Finding the True Fit with Jim Beqaj

The economy is strange right now – some industries are doing better than ever as they find new ways to adapt to working remotely, while others are struggling to make ends meet. In between all of this, a large cluster of salespeople have found themselves displaced from their old jobs not from lack of skill, but lack of opportunity.

CEO Joe Flanagan sat down with Jim Beqaj, host of the podcast “Be You” and celebrated author “How to Hire the Perfect Employer: Finding the Job and Career That Fit You Through a Powerful Personal Infomercial” and “True Fit: How to Find the Right Job by Being You”, to discuss why even a stunted job market doesn’t mean that salespeople should apply to everything they see in front of them. Sales success comes from being in an environment where you are set for success, and shouldn’t lead to compromises.

Where Do I Fit Best?

In Top Gun, Goose and Maverick enter a bar that is filled with women, where they casually jibe “this is what I call a target rich environment”. Jim says that this is the kind of employer that salespeople need to find – a workplace that fits their skill set, a place where they are primed and ready for success. They need a job where they can thrive in – what he calls the “true fit”.

Often, salespeople don’t know what they’re good at – they know generally what kind of clients they work best with, but fail to package and define what makes them successful. Jim Beqaj calls for salespeople to frame and understand what makes them special – not only the kind of place that they want to work, but the kind of place that is going to allow them to succeed. They need to think of themselves as experts in certain segments and fields – they need to know where they are going and how they want to get there.

Finding the True Fit

More important than finding the perfect job can be avoiding getting into the wrong situations. Now granted, it’ll happen to everyone once in awhile – we find ourselves in jobs that we’re unhappy with, people we don’t like to be around, and the like. Once we’ve landed ourselves in positions like this, it can seem impossible to escape orbit – we feel trapped, helpless, and chugging away towards nothing.

This happens largely because we are afraid to acknowledge what we actually are. Jim suggests making a list of the things that we love to do every day, and a list of things we actually have to get done at work. If the two do not align, there is work for improvement.

Finding the right fit starts with finding more about yourself. When interviewers ask the question “where do you see yourself in five years” they’re really asking about what your ambitions and motivations are. You can only know the kind of work you want if you know what situations you thrive in. Once you have mastered your own presentation, you can tackle job interviews with ease and confidence.

Get to No Quick

Jim Beqaj suggests a no-nonsense approach to interviews – if a job isn’t interested in you, he doesn’t want to find out in two weeks, he wants to know today.

Salespeople have a tendency to believe “I can win any client over” – while this might be the hallmark of a great salesperson, it doesn’t play out so neatly when applying for work that doesn’t match with you. The reality is that not everyone fits for every job – like our interpersonal relationships or in sales, not every interaction will end in friendship or a relationship or a closed deal. When a pipeline isn’t filled up with potential job leads, we take the easy way out.

How We Find The Fit For Salespeople and Clients

Acquirent’s recruitment process is designed to field a wide range of salespeople – we look for people from every walk of life who are ready to close in industries ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. We understand a diversity of talent lets us achieve our client’s goals, and we seek fit the best salespeople for the best roles that match their skill set.

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