How to Give Feedback in a Sales Call Review

How should you give feedback in a sales call review?

Consistent communication is one of the most important elements in a successful sales team. As a manager, it’s your job to provide constructive feedback to sales reps in a user-friendly way. We all know that giving feedback can be a bit uncomfortable. After all, you don’t want your feedback session to result in hurt feelings!

Giving feedback in a sales call review doesn’t need to be a negative experience. When you approach your sales call review with positive energy, candor, and actionable suggestions, your sales reps will be able to absorb your feedback in a constructive environment.

Here are our top tips on how to give feedback in a sales call review.

#1 Be Timely

Effective feedback is timely. Don’t put it off! The more quickly you engage with your sales reps, the more easily they will be able to apply your feedback to their recent calls.

This is not to say that you should rush in and provide feedback ASAP. Take time to organize your thoughts and compile a list of actionable suggestions to bring to the table. Aim to provide feedback within a week of the initial call.

#2 Be Specific

Specificity is an integral part of providing actionable feedback. After all, making vague sweeping statements will only lead to more confusion.

Give your sales reps specific examples of moments during their call that could be rephrased. Focus on their unique techniques, delivery, and client engagement. Don’t broaden the scope of the feedback session to include related incidents or tangential observations. Stick to the call at hand.

#3 Provide Actionable Steps

Feedback isn’t helpful without clear steps for improvement. Instead of saying “you could improve your client engagement” offer constructive advice like “make sure to do some preliminary research on your client before picking up the phone.”  This way, your reps leave the conversation armed with actionable steps towards improvement.

#4 Look Forward

The goal of providing feedback on sales calls is to improve future client interactions and increase sales call success. To this end, comments are most effective when they’re future-focused. This is why timeliness is so crucial when providing feedback on a sales call. You never want your reps to feel like you are dredging up their old transgressions or dwelling on past mistakes.

Forward-focused feedback should be growth-oriented and impart a positive message. Actionable steps encourage sales reps to work towards improvement and increase their future productivity. Focus on catering to your reps’ goals. Some team members might be trying to increase their call volume or work on their product pitch. Tailor your feedback to include goal-oriented elements that speak to each reps’ individual journey.

#5 Be Curious

Once you’ve imparted your initial opinions, ask your reps for their thoughts. Posing a question is a powerful way to encourage self-reflection and teamwork. This is not an invitation for a free-for-all, rather, an opportunity to include your reps in the conversation and inspire a collaborative environment. Asking questions about the reps’ experience during the call invites open communication between you and your sales team.

#6 Be Positive

Sales feedback sessions should never feel like a litany of problems for your reps to fix. Keep the atmosphere positive by highlighting the elements of the call that went well. Remember, feedback doesn’t always have to be negative! Be specific with your positive feedback just like your constructive feedback. Point out strategies that worked well, eloquent talking points, and successful client engagement.

#7 Spread the Love

It goes without saying that sales call reviews should involve the entire sales team. Make sure that you’re not accidentally picking on a few team-members week after week. If your reps feel like everyone is included in the feedback sessions, it removes pressure from being in the spotlight.

#8 Don’t Make It Personal

Last but not least, ensure that your feedback is about the call itself, not about the rep. Feedback should address actions and tactics that took place during the call, and should not include comments about a reps’ personality or aptitude.

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