Sales hall of fame inductee D Fish

How COVID-19 Will Change Sales Forever with D Fish

D Fish, a recent sales hall of fame inductee, sat down with CEO Joe Flanagan to answer the question that’s on all of our minds right now: how has COVID-19 changed the world of sales, and what can we expect to see once we get back to the office?

Technological Changes

Medical experts debate when the coronavirus restrictions will actually end. Reaching a level of herd immunity is only one part of the equation – people will likely continue wearing masks well into next year. Yet many economists expect to see positive growth by the end of next year.

According to D Fish, the sales world has undergone 10 years of technological changes in the span of 10 months. Many of these changes were inevitable – digital technology has allowed us to streamline communication and reach each other across hundreds of miles, but never has a tool been so readily adopted by such a large cohort in a such a small amount of time.

We need to think about what the buyers want. More and more have made the move to digital, and are happier than ever using it. As sellers, we must follow this trend and appease them.

D Fish is also a big fan of the possibilities available through LinkedIn. As sellers, we can use LinkedIn as a way to share our stories through social media. Our online presence is the frame by which others see us, and is a powerful way of warming up leads before the first call.


Anecdotally, Joe Flanagan has noticed that people’s calendars tend to be much more open than they were before. Joe would make trips to New York 3-5 times a year, but he doesn’t expect to do that moving forward now that he can simply video conference with his prospects and connections.

There has been debate as to whether online industry conferences are going to be the new normal. While there is certainly a convenience factor in not having to travel to a conference space, engagement has been lower overall. More than likely, conference providers will have to leverage both moving forward.

D Fish Expects The Old and the New to Collide

Regardless of whether the timeline is measured in months or years, we will return back to the old ways we handled business. But the changes that have happened are likely to leave a lasting impact on more than just the economy, but the tools we use to connect with others.

Stay in control of your message, and leverage these tools in your favor – people are embracing technology now more than ever. At Acquirent, we use every tool to get your message out there – contact us today to learn more.