How Companies Can Leverage AI for Sales Automation

With the advent of artificial intelligence, the sales world is changing more than ever. Sales automation via the use of AI technology is a fast-growing and powerful tool that can help your business save time and money. The days of salespeople endlessly scrolling through their contacts page and auto-dialing prospects one by one may soon be a thing of the past.

Businesses can now use the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate their sales process in a myriad of ways including:

  • Automated Sales Funnel Analysis
  • Tailored Customer Experiences
  • AI-Assisted Use of Sales Cadences

Automating these sales processes through AI can reduce costs and drive lead generation more efficiently. In this article, we explain how your business can use AI to better understand its sales funnel, tailor experiences to customers, and use its sales cadence communications more strategically.

How AI is Used for Sales Funnel Analysis

Understanding where your business is strong and where it needs improvement is an essential part of the sales process. Performing a sales funnel analysis helps you understand which marketing strategies are working and where your business should make changes. 

In order for an effective and thorough analysis, it’s essential to mine through a ton of historical data and look for patterns. Reviewing all the data from every part of your sales cycle would be a daunting task for even the most diligent salesperson. With its advanced design, AI technology can find sales opportunities that people often overlook.  

Simply put, this method outperforms guesswork and gut feelings in the long run and is a better guide for what steps to take in your sales process. With the difficult data analysis taken care of, your team now has valuable information and breathing room it needs to focus fully on creating a relationship with a customer and laying the groundwork for successful lead generation.

Provide Tailored Customer Experiences

In a time of recession where sales talent is hard to acquire and retain, the strain on businesses to provide personalized sales experiences for their customers has only become greater. Sales talent is stretched thin, and it’s not uncommon to find one salesperson doing the work of two in order to reach out to customers and create those personal touch experiences. 

With the advancement of AI technology, businesses can now reach an exponentially higher number of potential customers each day. Using pre-recorded software, companies can dial hundreds of numbers in an hour and connect anyone who answers to a live salesperson while leaving personalized voicemails for those who don’t. 

This groundbreaking development can give hours back to your team and allows them to harness their energy toward customers with genuine interest. Now you can spend less time dialing and more time connecting with potential customers.

Improve Customer Communication Through Sales Cadences

These days, businesses often have a variety of methods to contact customers. Often referred to as ‘sales cadences,’ these range from email to phone calls to social network services like Linkedin. It can be hard to determine which of these methods is ideal for reaching a potential prospect. 

AI software utilizes past data about the target audience and previous sales to understand which of these methods makes the most sense in any given sales scenario. This way, your company doesn’t waste valuable energy making calls that are ill-timed or sending messages that won’t get returned. Instead, you can send a communication at the right moment to someone who is more likely to be interested in your service. 

Sales automation also allows your company to streamline its communications more strategically and reach a greater number of interested parties. Now you know which cadences make the most sense and you can get your message out.

Working with an Outsourced Sales Development Company

Although AI technology has definite benefits to it, it may not be fiscally realistic for your company at this time. Are you looking to harness the benefits of AI without the financial cost it can incur? Why not partner with an outsourced sales development firm?

At Acquirent, we deploy a full suite of sales enablement technology and provide unparalleled support to help you streamline your sales process and increase lead generation. Our unique process addresses each of the points outlined here and can help to take your sales process to the next level. Want to learn more about how AI technology can boost your sales? Contact us today to get started.


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