How Businesses Use Outsourced Sales in a Recession

Operating a lucrative sales business is challenging during the best of times, but an economic recession adds even more pressure to the already high-intensity sales industry. It’s common for employers to feel stuck between a rock and a hard place—eager to save money on training and employee salaries, but anxious to develop more leads and score more clients. This is all the more reason to consider an outsourced sales solution.

Outsourcing during a recession allows you to expand your team without hiring and training in-house employees. According to a Forbes article about the benefits of outsourcing: “Selective outsourcing gives you the ability to create more flexible costs in a changing economy.” Here’s how businesses use outsourced sales to thrive during a recession. 

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing to save money may seem counterintuitive. After all, it feels like you’re spending more money up-front without seeing immediate benefits. But outsourcing helps reduce overhead costs over time by saving you money on employee salaries and streamlining your sales process.

Here are a few factors that make outsourcing a sustainable sales strategy: 

  • Eliminates Extra Costs – Outsourcing saves money that would otherwise be spent on hiring and training new employees. Hiring employees is an investment, and the interviewing and training process is time-consuming. In a recession-era economy it’s important to prioritize allocating resources towards your current employees, rather than on-boarding a bunch of new talent. When you outsource your sales team, you save money on annual costs like salaries, benefits packages, and bonuses.
  • Increases Your Strategic Expertise – Outsourced reps are trained to be sales experts. Drawing on their highly developed sales skills and a wealth of resources, outsourced reps can devote all their time to lead generation, sales funnel development, and any other sales task you need to be completed. Because outsourced employees aren’t juggling other daily responsibilities, they can devote their undivided attention to sales tasks.
  • Offers Scalability and Flexibility – Committing to outsourced sales doesn’t mean spending an arm and a leg every month for services you aren’t currently utilizing. In fact, sales outsourcing offers flexible payment plans, and scalable contracts so it’s easy to fit into any budget. Whether you outsource some, or all, of your sales force, you have the flexibility to integrate outsourcing in a way that works for you.
  • Eliminates Stress on Current Employees – Even if you your job is secure, working in sales during a recession can be stressful. For one thing, the prospecting process is even more challenging, and you may be taking on extra tasks to compensate for a diminished staff. Outsourcing helps alleviate some stress and responsibility from overworked employees. Without the burden of time-consuming jobs like lead generation, your in-house team has more space to focus on larger projects and important deals. 

How To Find the Right Outsourced Sales Company 

Finding an outsourced sales company that meshes well with your vision, ethos, and goals is key for sales success. You should feel like your outsourced team is an extension of your in-house team, and foster a collaborative relationship between the two. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when researching outsourced sales companies:

  • Do Your Research – Make a list of elements you want to prioritize in your partnership. Are you looking for outsourced sales companies who specialize in small businesses or Fortune 500 companies? Do you want to focus on a certain area of sales? These questions will help guide you towards companies that fit your business model. Look at their website to determine what kind of businesses they typically work with, their company values, and their pricing.
  • Check Reviews – If possible, read reviews online and on social media to get a sense of overall customer satisfaction. Check for other qualifications, accolades, or accreditations that confirm a company’s legitimacy and reputation. 
  • Reach Out – Get in touch to find out more about partnering with a sales development company. Communicate your needs and determine if this would be a fruitful partnership.  

Acquirent Offers Sales Outsourcing Made Easy 

Here at Acquirent, we believe in nurturing every client’s unique potential. We are dedicated to developing achievable sales goals and helping your company thrive. Our sales reps will work with you to create a personalized sales strategy that reflects your company’s values and targets your ideal audience. From marketing management strategies, to training, to lead generation and beyond, Acquirent offers the tools you need to help your business thrive. Contact us today to get started.