What is Full Funnel Optimization

If you’re involved in sales funnel development, then you probably know how important it is to implement a unified process, or full funnel optimization. Your marketing and sales funnel paints a picture of the entire sales journey from the initial point of contact to the moment you close the deal.

But not every sales funnel is equally effective. Many funnels harbor weak points that require further work in order to gain the best results. For the best top-to-bottom sales experience it’s clear that full funnel optimization is a priority. We’ll help you understand the basics of full funnel optimization, implement strategies to improve your funnel stages, and understand the benefits you’ll gain from optimizing your funnel.

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What is the Full Funnel?

Full funnel optimization begins by understanding the overall efficacy of your marketing strategies as outlined in your marketing funnel. As customers move through your funnel, the pool of candidates narrows until you reach the purchase phase at the end. Optimizing your full funnel improves retention across the different funnel stages so at the end of the day your sales percentage increases.

A standard marketing funnel starts at the “awareness” stage. This is the point where customers are introduced to your product or brand. At this stage, you have the largest pool of prospects. Prospects are then narrowed down to the “interest” stage. Intrigued by your company, prospects have started to complete some research and interact with your website and social media. The next phase is the “evaluation” phase, where customers make a decision about purchasing your product. Finally, you’ve reached the “action” or “purchase” phase, when you close the deal.

Optimizing Your Funnel

Optimization begins with gathering data across each stage of your funnel. Utilize KPIs to understand how your marketing strategies are working, and decide whether or not you need to make any significant changes.

At each step of the funnel you should be aware of what your prospects want and how they are influenced to make decisions. Funnel optimization aims move more potential customers through the buying process by implementing data-driven improvements. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to funnel optimization. Part of altering your marketing strategy is paying attention to the needs of your unique customer base.

Where to Start

You can begin the optimization process by examining the distinct stages in your funnel. Use data analytics programs to gain insight into statistics like customer decision-making timelines, ad campaign efficacy, and subscription rates.

Target Your Ideal Customer

Start by ensuring you’re targeting the right prospects for your business. Spend time reviewing your ideal customer profile, and then confirm that your marketing materials are specifically targeting that demographic. If you don’t start with the right people at the beginning of the funnel, then you can’t expect increased retention down the line.

Segment Your Prospects into Phases

Part of optimizing your funnel is targeting prospects based on their stage in the sales process. This means that you’re attuned to each stage of the sales funnel and the marketing materials that help prospects move to the next step.

For example, if a prospect has advanced to the “interest” stage, use ad campaigns to encourage email list sign ups or social media engagement. Prospects at the “evaluation” stage can be encouraged to make a purchase through customer support, live Q&A sessions, and special promotions. The key is matching the marketing material to where each customer is within the marketing funnel. This is also known as “remarketing,” since you’re constantly adapting your tactics based on customer progression.

Why Should You Implement Full Funnel Optimization?

Full funnel optimization provides a wholistic view of your sales and marketing process. Optimizing your funnel at any stage encourages a ripple-effect to future stages. When you optimize your approach at the top of the funnel, more prospects make it through to the next tier. The goal is to increase your overall flow of customers, which proportionally increases your sales.

Working with an Outsourced Development Company

When it comes to actually sitting down and revamping your sales funnel, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s where we come in. At Acquirent we offer sales development services tailored to match your company’s unique needs. From lead generation, to sales training, to marketing management, we’re dedicated to working with you to find the best solutions. Contact us today to get your quote!