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Sales as a Service: The Benefits of Outsourcing Sales

Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon use Sales as a Service to augment the capabilities of their in-house sales teams. Startups and Fortune 500 businesses alike are embracing an outsourced sales model for driving revenue. But what is Sales as a Service? The term can be confusing. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at what Sales as a Service means and how your business can leverage it.

Decoding Sales as a Service

Sales as a Service is a concept borrowed from as-a-service business models that feature Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, and others. Outsourcing sales isn’t a new concept. For centuries, companies have used traders, distributors, and commissioners to boost their sales revenue by targeting new audiences that they haven’t previously been able to engage with. What’s new about Sales as a Service? It helps businesses outsource their sales work to a long-term partner who acts as their sales manager.

On the other hand, distributors and traders operate as an independent organization with their structures and names. Most businesses aren’t happy working with a third party, as the presence of an intermediary makes consumers feel disconnected from a business. For this reason, it’s critical that your business has an ongoing relationship with a  third party sales organization.

When leveraging Sales as a Service, your business will get the benefits of working with an intermediary without going too far from your clients. What are some of the benefits of having a sales outsourcing partner?

Embracing a sales outsourcing model: The Power of Sales as a Service

Having a dedicated sales team

Sales as a Service gives businesses a committed sales force consisting of seasoned professionals who focus on sales. These sales reps understand a business’s brand and offerings so that they become a company’s true representative. An outsourced sales team eliminates the expense, time, and work required for recruiting, training, and managing in-house sales staff.

With an outsourced sales partner, a business can focus on building its core competencies while effectively entering new markets, geographies, and segments.

Harnessing big data analytics

In the 21st century, data informs every sales decision. The process of accumulating and analyzing data from different business markets eats time and resources. However, an outsourced b2b sales provider will gather and analyze the data related to brand loyalty and market trends. An outsourced sales partner empowers businesses to assess the quality of their sales outreach strategy. The insights that sales outsourcing delivers are invaluable for a business that wants to expand its presence to new regions and markets.

Leveraging cutting-edge sales technology

A Sales as a Service partner uses the latest sales technology — like automation, and CRM — for optimizing a business’s sales process. This way, a business that is outsourcing its sales operations won’t have to invest in sales enablement technology which can often run into the six-figure range; instead, the outsourced sales team will bring the technology and real-time data analytics for fine-tuning the existing sales process.

Bringing sales expertise with unmatched flexibility

Determine the effort level required to meet your sales goal. That’s how you’ll know what degree of energy you will need to put into your go-to-market strategy. You and your B2B sales outsourcing partner will decide how much sales staff you need, and what parts of the sales cycle you want to target.

Your trusted B2B sales as a service partner

Which B2B sales outsourcing partner will bring these benefits for your business? Here’s where we, at Acquirent, comes into play. We help companies ranging from startups and Fortune 500 businesses overcome their unique sales challenges. Whether you’re only looking for lead generation, or a full sales cycle, our company can handle every aspect of your process.

Acquirent’s sales team comprises experienced staff for developing processes, analytics, and culture to create a result-driven sales strategy and bring sales enablement technology. We will recruit, train, and manage your sales team so that you can focus on your bottom line. Our outsourced sales services design and deliver transparent and data-driven sales solutions. Get connected with our sales team and see how we can help your business unlock growth.