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Why a Purchased Lead List is Dead Weight without the Right Team to Cultivate It

In today’s day and age, if you’re interested in generating leads and closing sales, you can find a litany of contact lists for sale – purchased lead lists have become a common tool for this reason. These lists can be a tremendous help to your sales team, especially if the data suggests that they’re qualified leads who seem to fit your target demographic. Without the right team to cultivate that list, though, you’re simply throwing your money away. 

What Makes a Good Purchased Lead List?

Big data is everywhere, and it plays an important role in today’s sales and marketing. Consumers and businesses alike provide various information to other companies every day. That information is then filtered through algorithms (based on past experiences and data we already have) to determine which people and companies are most likely to buy certain products and services based on their ages, locations, preferences, and more. In other words, when you buy a lead list, you are buying a list of contacts that are more likely to be interested in the product or service you sell than a random person from the phone book.  

Seeing Lead Lists for What They Are 

Buying a lead list is a great way to improve your company’s sales and make the entire sales funnel more efficient, but if you aren’t cultivating your list properly, you’re throwing your money down the drain. It’s much like buying a Lamborghini even though you don’t have a driver’s license. It’s nice in theory, but if you can’t use what you’ve purchased correctly, then you’ve purchased it in vain. Cultivation is more than simply relying on big data to tell you whether a lead is viable. It’s about using very human emotions to connect with those leads in a way that algorithms could never do. Simply put, realize that when you buy a lead list, there is still plenty of work to be done.

What Goes into Lead Cultivation?

When you buy a lead list, the first step in cultivation has already been done. You’ve determined your audience and segment, and the list you buy should represent that. Now there are several other things to consider when it comes to cultivating leads and generating sales.  

  • Value Proposition: Rather than bombarding the leads with information and sales pitches, cultivation involves nurturing each lead in such a way that you open their eyes to your product’s value – all without being pushy.  
  • The Right Content at the Right Time: Cultivation also requires finesse in communication. Make sure you’re sending the right emails and making the right calls at the right places in the sales funnel. 
  • Constant Reevaluation: Simply reaching out with value propositions and the right content isn’t enough to truly cultivate leads. Aside from this, you’ll need to evaluate how well your communication is working and make changes along the way. 

If you’re struggling with lead cultivation, then you aren’t getting the most out of those expensive lead lists you’re buying. You can hire a team of experienced sales development representatives (SDRs) and agents to handle this cultivation, or you might even consider outsourcing this part of sales to a company that focuses solely on cultivating the leads you purchase.

A Purchased Lead List Provides New Opportunities With Less Research

For companies that are looking for quick leads, a purchased lead list provides plenty of opportunity for immediate growth. Yet like any kind of cold calling, it takes a lot of effort to produce good results. Too many organizations place their top sales professionals in a position where their skills are better spent on closing leads rather than generating them.

Outsourcing lead generation takes off the burden from these sales professionals. Rather than fractioning their day into lead generation and closing, a steady stream of leads enter their hands.

That’s where Acquirent comes in. Our sales professionals are experts at taking prequalified leads and sorting the duds from the diamonds. Each of our teams have managers with years of experience, who are able to guide the process. You will receive reports per your request, often in the form of weekly or biweekly meetings.

Looking to stop searching and start closing? Contact us today for more information about our services.