Infobionic Case Study

The Challenge

InfoBionic had an outside sales team of 8 reps working across several territories – being on the road, they needed breakfasts, luncheons, and stop-bys set in advance when meeting with cardiologist across the country. They came to us with the task of filling their calendars as they moved from region-to-region.

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Our Approach

We assigned 4 of our team members to 2 of their team members to schedule meetings. Aside from introducing InfoBionic’s product line and generating leads, a secondary challenge came in our targeting – we had to track where each of their team members were headed, and be prepared to reschedule their meetings as plans changed, as well as not targeting multiple cardiologists working within the same hospital.

Our Results

For each rep, at leach 3 luncheons were set up per week in practices with more than one doctor at a location that was not affiliated with a hospital system. This led to a total of at least 12 presentations every week for InfoBionic


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