Adhawk Case Study

The Challenge

Adhawk is a digital marketing solutions agency specializing on the flooring industry. Competing digital marketing agencies and big flooring manufacturers made the space particularly competitive, and Adhawk came to Acquirent with the intent of aggressively winning as much of the market share as possible.

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Our Approach

The Acquirent team travelled to NYC to in-person training, involving hands-on training, role playing, systems training, and live call monitoring. After making calls and collecting sales intelligence, we were able to nurture leads and build out a consistent pipeline of new prospects and refine our data sets to ensure we were targeting the most qualified flooring retailers.

Our Results

Thanks to excellent client connectivity and hard work, we were able to scale our team from 1 to 6 sales executives. Our reps were able to set 1-2 meetings daily, and we closed an average of 20% of those leads.


Acquirent Makes a Difference

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