What are the Best Days to Cold Call?

What are the best days and times to cold call?

In the sales industry, cold calling is a tried-and-true method for gaining new prospects. Most sales reps have made their fair share of cold calls, and know that a successful cold calling strategy requires patience, persistence, and planning.

Connecting with new prospects isn’t just about numbers. Although reaching call goals and making consistent contact is important, cold call success depends on timing as well as volume. So what are the best days and times to cold call? Here are our suggestions on how to transform your cold calling strategy to reach new prospects.

What are the Best Days to Cold Call?

A typical work week ebbs and flows, and strategic cold calling compliments the weekly rhythm to catch prospects when they are most receptive to hearing a sales pitch.

Wednesday and Thursday – In general, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days of the week to make cold calls. Decision makers have settled into their weekly rhythm and are more open to considering new opportunities for their business. When you call in the middle of the week, you have the best chance of catching your prospect when they aren’t cramming to meet a deadline or starting a new project.

What are the Worst Days to Cold Call?

Although cold calling can be successful any day of the week, there are days that are typically less fruitful.

Monday and Tuesday – The beginning of the week is often hectic. Decision makers are returning to the office and are often tied-up attending to business that accumulated over the weekend. Decision makers may also be starting a new project or proposal at the beginning of the week, and don’t have much free time to listen to a cold call pitch.

Friday – Friday is another tricky day for cold calls since most professionals are looking forward to the weekend. In some cases, Friday might be extremely busy, as employees rush to finish tasks before their days off. In others, Friday productivity might suffer from end-of-week burnout and weekend anticipation.

What are the Best Times to Cold Call?

When it comes to making contact with prospects, the time of day you call matters just as much as the day of the week. Prospects are more likely to answer phone calls and engage with callers at certain times in the workday.

4pm-5pm – Surprisingly, the end of the day is often a great time to catch prospects. Work is winding down for the day, and prospects are often at their desks wrapping up tasks.

10am-11am – If you’re a morning caller, we suggest aiming for mid-morning before the lunch break. This gives prospects enough time to settle into the workday and catches them before they leave for lunch.

What are the Worst Times to Cold Call?

Cold calling is most successful when prospects are alert and relaxed, and cold call productivity suffers from the ups and downs of a typical work schedule.

7am-10am – Calling first thing in the morning often leads to missed calls or hurried conversations. Prospects are just arriving at the office for the day and aren’t ready to field unsolicited calls. Grogginess and a stack of to-dos waiting on the desk is not a good recipe for cold call success.

12pm-2pm – Avoid calling right after lunch. Prospects are usually jumping back into tasks or feeling lethargic from a big meal. Additionally, prospects who have lunch meetings may be out of the office for a longer period in the middle of the day.

Weekends – Some salespeople have atypical work schedules which might entail working over the weekend. While it might be tempting to complete cold calls and leave messages on the weekends, these calls usually go unreturned and fail to engage with prospects directly.

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